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About Me

Hi I’m J.P. and I live in Ottawa, Canada. I show people how to learn languages and my passion is East-Asian languages and cultures; Japanese, Korean and Mandarin!

Many people tell me that learning Japanese is tough, but I can prove otherwise! In fact this entire website is dedicated to making learning Japanese fun and easy, while providing honest and hard-hitting product reviews!

My belief has always been: “If a path doesn’t lead directly to your goal, carve your own!“, and when I set out to learn my new language I knew that I wanted two things: (1) that I should enjoy the process and (2) that it should be easy!


I’ve always tried to help others by offering them varied methods. However over time I came to realize that there was one crucial challenge that seemed insurmountable in my quest to share my passion for the Japanese language: the perception that it’s difficult, if not outright impossible to learn!

I’ve used the help of various books, internet forums, all kinds of websites, audio lessons, computer programs, native-speakers, non-native language partners and so much experimenting! That’s why today I can confidently tell you that I’ve gone through the process of discovering the best learning methods possible for all kinds of learners!

I offer a learning method that’s been refined by repeated trial and error until only the best methods of learning were discovered for the non-native speaker! As my personal project, reads like a magazine and will continue expand!

In the end we have a streamlined intuitive learning process that’s customized to the learners’ likes and passions; nothing less than personalized learning will do!

My name is J.P., and I’m passionate about Japanese! ツ

Special Thanks

Special thanks goes out to Jean-Benoit Lesage for his hard work and helping to build the site.

You can contact J-B via email at:

Click here to view his LinkedIn profile page.

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