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First Place: Rocket Japanese
Rocket Japanese is the ultimate resource to help you learn Japanese! The lessons are intuitive, quick and fun; perfect for anyone who's learning the language and wants to move at their own pace!

Rocket Japanese contains everything you'll need to take your Japanese to the next level! Not only do they have the best prices on the internet, but it's like having your own private classroom as well! They've got audio lessons, PDF files, forums with native speakers, quizzes, games and more! They truly are -- as my old professor used to say -- the Best in the West!

Click HERE visit the Rocket Japanese website

Second Place: JapanesePod101
I started using JapanesePod101 way back when they were fresh on YouTube. At that time Peter was doing podcasts and speaking Japanese with his New Yorker accent. No offense, but I don't want to learn American-Japanese; I want to learn Japanese-Japanese!

Since those many years ago (maybe a decade by now?) they've immensely improved and Peter only speaks English on their audio lessons (which is great, because he does a good job as a host)!
This site is perfect for self-educating individuals with very reasonable prices! Even the basic deal amazing with tons of lessons based on countless topics! Using JapanesePod101 is kind of like a study room, with an endless library of PDFs, audio lessons and even a forum! Honestly I used to hate JapanesePod101, but now I love it!
Call me converted!

Click HERE visit the JapanesePod101 website
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Third Place: Pimsleurs' Japanese
One thing the Pimsleur program does well is that it intuitively teaches you good pronunciation, tons of grammar, vocabulary, teaches you how to speak politely and gives you quick cultural lessons.

However although the Pimsleur method is a really good program at achieving results, it's also a very boring language tool! On the plus side, it's only 9.95$ which means you can't go wrong!

If you're on a tight budget, or you just don't want to spend too much money on a language program, I recommend Pimsleurs' Japanese audio lessons.

Click HERE visit the Pimsleur Approach website

Fourth Place: Rosetta Stone

Pros: Rosetta Stone has a feature that allows you to speak to the computer and it uses voice recognition to correct or improve your accent. It's also excellent for learning vocabulary!

Cons: They have a huge budget for advertising but that doesn't mean they have the highest quality product! Rosetta Stone is one of the more expensive products I've seen. Frankly I recommend continuing to learn Japanese using other tools and resources that cost a whole lot less money!

Because Rocket Japanese is the best Japanese language pack we’ve found on the market over the years, we’re giving you direct access to their 6-day free trial of their premium services, with Sayaka Matsuura (that’s her in the photo)! I want you to check it out for yourself, to see if it’s truly the right program to suit your personality and learning style!

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